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Lilly Pulitzer Dresses Header Image


  • Marlowe Boatneck T-Shirt Dresses
  • Lilianna Dress
  • Windward Dress
  • Celia Dress
  • Monterey Dress
  • Colby Dress
  • Sarasota Tunic
  • Brewster Dress
  • Ali Dress
  • Shay Dress
  • Buttercup Shift
  • Tia Shift
  • Cathy Shift
  • Lynn Shift
Lilly Pulitzer Dresses Tops / Bottoms Header Image

    Tops / Bottoms

  • Elsa Tops (Printed & Solid)
  • Bailey Tops (Printed & Solid)
  • Duval Tops (Printed & Solid)
  • Holly Top
  • Coral Top
  • Marble Top
  • Penny Top
  • Essie Top
  • Arya Tanks (Printed & Solid)
  • Chrissy Short
  • Calahan Short
  • Chela Short
  • Beach Pant
  • Peyton Romper
Lilly Pulitzer Dresses Girls Image


  • Little Lilly - Bay Blue
  • Little Lilly - Muti Lovers Coral
  • Little Lilly - Multi Out to Sea
  • Little Lilly - Hot Coral
  • Little Delia - Pink Lemon
  • Little Liza - Bay Blue
  • Little Liza - Pink Pout
  • Mini Mila Shift Dress
  • Baby Lilly Shift Dress - Multi Lovers Coral
  • Baby Lilly Shift Dress - Pink Pout Shellabrat
Pier South Co-Owner Mary Scharpf in Lilly

"We are a colorful family. I mean really colorful, there are many different shades to me, but Lilly captures my inner spirit in a way no other brand does. Their prints are beautiful and make you happy when you see them. They make me happy. The bright colors that define Lilly are what we were going for when we decided to open Pier South. They fit perfectly into our vision and they have been one of my personal favorites since my mom dressed me up in thier little girls clothes as a kid. Did I mention they have the most adorable little kids clothing ever?! Well they do, and we're going to carry that too. I think, in the end, the bright colors provide an essence of happiness that no one else can truly touch and clothes are beautiful, which is why I love them so much. Lilly just makes you smile :)"

-Mary Scharpf (Co-owner of Pier South)